Smednir is a dwarven ancestor deity of some importance, due to his patronage of metalworking and the refining of ore. In dwarven lore – Smednir the shaper of ore, taught metal craft to his younger brother Thungni. Together, these two sons of Grungni and Valaya created most of the great magical rune – weapons of the ancestor gods and the legendary dwarven kings; including the rune – hammer Ghal – Maraz belonging to the great King Kurgan, and given as a gift to the human warrior Sigmar Heldenhammer.

Smednir is generally portrayed as a bare – armed, muscular dwarf wearing a leather apron, with his beard braided into a single plait and thrown over his shoulder away from the flames of the forge. His right hand holds the rune – hammer Azulokrid “Metal Crafter”

Alignment: Neutral.

Symbol: Smednir’s main symbol is the anvil, upon which he wrought the great treasures of the dwarven race and their ancestor gods. Clerics of Smednir usually wear their beards in a single braid.


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