Even in the time of the ancestor gods, Gazul contemplated long upon the mortality of his race; born clanless, Gazul nevertheless established the dwarven tradition of venerating the dwarven ancestors – whether living or deceased. In doing so Gazul assumed the duty as protector of the dead. Gazul uncovered the signature runes for himself and his siblings Grungni, Valaya and Grimnir; giving the ancestors powers over certain elementals.

A melancholy dwarf, Gazul has jet black hair and beard with streaks of grey, particularly at the temples and the corners of his mouth. He is normally shown wearing armor of black iron under his black cloak, and carrying the great runeswoard Zharrvengryn “Flaming Vengeance.”

Alignment: Neutral

Symbol: Gazul’s principal symbol is a stylized cavernous opening that represents the entrance of the Underearth; where the spirits of the ancestors reside, and his role as sentinel. A secondary symbol is the flame, used by dwarven witch – hunters of the Order of the Guardians; an offshoot of his cult sworn to destroy necromancers and their abominations, the undead.


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