2nd Edition Warhammer

The Warhammer world is a vague resemblance to 15th Century Europe sans the fact that mankind does not hold sole dominion over the landscape. The world of Warhammer is shared with all the fantastical and horrific creatures of myth and beyond… from the ancient Dwarf and Elven races to dreaded Vampires, Trolls and Daemons.

Conflict is rife, from the clashes of battling armies to the politicking of ambitious burgomeisters. The very soil seems to breed division and malcontent, intrigue and corruption. Bring out your dead!

Life is short and brutal. Danger lurks in the dark of the forest and the stink of the cities. Orcs, Beastmen and other, blasphemous things stalk the wild places, attacking the weak and unwary. Beneath the land loathsome Ratmen gnaw away at the soft underbelly of civilization itself. At their hands many die each day, finally escaping to a world where dark humour and willful ignorance are the cold comforts that folk must cling to.

Of course, this mortal suffering does not go unseen. Ancient eyes ceaselessly regard this roiling tableau of life and death, trust and betrayal. These Ruinous Powers seek to snuff out the candle flame of mortal existence, and claim the land as their own, eternal, Realm of Chaos.

It is to these Dark Gods that many turn. Heretical cults promise power, knowledge pleasure and riches to those willing to give themselves over to worship of the forbidden. The Ruinous Powers bless these folk with all that they deserve—from miraculous abilities to hideous mutations. Each soul so touched becomes part of the unending war that Chaos rages upon the world and its inhabitants.

This is the land in which your adventures will take place, a world of unwilling heroes, desperate struggle and black irony.

Remember it always.

2nd Edition Warhammer

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