Empire Apocalypse

To The Ratholds We go

(I think I smell a Skaven...)

It doesn’t take long for Crellion, White Wolf Knight of the Inner Circle, to irk a full confession out of the blubbering thug.

“The Ratholds… We’re collecting for her… she’s got the power… she sent us to stop the alchemist from finding the cure… don’t know her name… never see her… too many rats… they will tell her everything…”

The thug’s unconscious by the end, and Eladio’s caught the pale shivers. Daubler removed his infected arm during the interrogation, hoping it would save him. His chances are the flip of a coin at this point. Daubler is the first to talk.

“I’ll take him and the cure to the Temple of Verena since my shop is no longer safe. They command the strongest influence in the law quarter. If I trust anyone it’s them.”

Not a second later, the door opens and two figures cloaked in black enter — priests of Morr by the look of it.

“If you’re here for the bodies, they should be burned,” says Daubler.

The lead priest steps forward. “We’re not here for the bodies, we’re here for your souls!” The figure withdraws an axe and steps forward, Elu falling back on his ass as he tries to ready his halberd, then the figure pulls down his hood. It’s the Executioner.

“Just kidding, dogs. We’re off to the ratholds. Seems they’re stealing dead bodies. Probably a necrophiliac orgy. Thought we’d pick you two up for a good time.”

The other priest lowers his hood. It’s Roland. He tosses two more cloaks at the group.


“Out of commission,” replies Crellion, “it’s just us four.”

Disguised as priests of Morr the four of you navigate the dark streets of Talabheim under curfew, careful to avoid the major streets.

Some of the oldest and foulest portions of Talabheim are actually located within the walls of the Taalbaston itself. Scattered throughout the massive cliff face are holes, tunnels, and warrens carved into the living rock center of the crater wall. The inhabitants of the ratholds are the lowest of the low. Inbreeding, disease, and poor ventilation make the average Ratholder more pathetic than even the scum that roam the streets outside if not that restless dead themselves.


You find an unsuspecting entrance as any and step inside…

Roland: “It’s been a while since we’ve done this… anyone have torch?”


Roland steps forward into the warren, Elu after him, then Crellion, and X as rear guard. There seems to be little order or purpose behind the tunnels and from what you’ve been told they seem exceedingly vacant.

As you patrol further the sounds of running echo from the tunnel in front of you. There is just enough time to grab a weapon as a figure charges from the corner, cloaked in dark and bloodied rags, a rat-faced beast that scampers up the stony walls trying to pass by as quickly as possible…


As the group prepares to move forward past the riddled bodies of Ratmen, the ground starts to tremble faintly then a sound not unlike an avalanche of footsteps shoots through the tunnel in front of the party, advancing quickly, so quickly that the source enters the light radius of the lantern before anyone can react: the sight of thousands of Skaven descending upon you…


The mob slams into Roland, then continues on, lifting up each of you into the foul procession. Skaven claw and stab as they continue to scurry forward, heading for the streets of Talabheim…



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