Empire Apocalypse

Night of the Rat Part One

Out Of The Cellar...

Crellon “The Hellion” and the Executioner pause amid the countless corpses of rat-men they have just slaughtered and take a split second to look around them…


“By Nurgle’s rot, Crellion, the Wizard’s Way is lost. I’m outta this nest. You can follow and live, or stay and die.”

With that the Executioner turns and runs down the closest alley into the Tallows, shadowing himself as he may while the red eyes of the rats burn right through the dark.

Crellion is a lone man against and army… does he follow…?

X and Crellion follow Lavinia out of the graveyards, black cloaks billowing in the wind, as she moves with haste towards a barricade erected along the street, cordoning off the merchant and law districts from the rest of the city.

You have not reached it alone, a horde of fleeing humans, skulking zombies, and feral Skaven are gathered outside the barricade. A massive flight of arrows arcs over the barrier, pelting the crowd, while militia members skewer anything that approaches the barricade with speaks poking through holes in the wall. The street is impassible.

Lavinia: “That’s just grand. We can take to the rooftops, try our luck back in the sewers, or find another way along the God’s Row. Spit out a choice quickly, boyos.”



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