Empire Apocalypse

Night of the Rat Part 4

Preulde to the Summer of The Dead

So it is that X, Crellion, Roland, Andar, and Captain Jack climb out of the sewer underworld, having broken the flanking forces on the Rat-Men, and find themselves on the God’s Row, facing the the Heldenhammer Temple.


Waves of Skaven flow on the streets, straight onto the hastily erected barricades that now line the avenues of the God’s Row. That is not all… fighting among the rat-men are the restless dead, ignoring the mutant rodents, and lunging only for the nearest human prey.

Over your heads flocks of ravens descend from the sky to tear out the eyes of hundred of Skaven. Flames of unnatural hue and green-tinged lightning surge about on both sides of the line as mystic forces are brought to bear. Your very skin tingles with the raw power you feel surging about the streets of God’s Row, and Skaven die by the hundreds till the night air is split with a horrendous roar that shakes you to your very bones.

A squad of huge, misshapen Ratmen the size of Ogres are soon whipped to the front of the Skaven line. Limbs replaced with massive cutting shears tear through the soldiers that hold the front ranks as if they were paper, and the Rat Ogres swiftly break into the streets.

The remaining Talabheim forces prepare to retreat when an enormous bear rushes from behind you and tackles the first Rat Ogre, giving the soldiers time to retreat but leaving you in the path of the remaining Rat Ogres…




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