Empire Apocalypse

Night Of The Rat Part 3

Don't Bring An Axe to a Gunfight...

In the city above…

There is a foul smell on the wind as evening approaches. It clings to the back of the throat and sets soldiers who haven’t succumbed to the Grey Ague to coughing. The approaching night grows more ill as the full face of the Chaos moon Moorslieb smiles over the streets of Talabheim with its sickly green light. If X and Crellion were above ground to see this they would recall a night over twenty years past when the Chaos moon shown bright over the Reik beyond the Barren Hills and Devil’s Bowl.

A soft rumble shakes the cobblestone streets, and in the pause that follows all in the city feel a second violent ripple shudder through the ground. Several columns of dust arise to the north of the city, along the base of the Taalbaston. And then you hear it—a cry like that of thousands of angry birds or perhaps, rats, shrieking as one…


Below, as X and Crellion make their way through the passage under the sewer to the Taalbaston, they can feel the rumble above as pieces of cracked earth fall around them.

They are not too late to the party for they see below what is about to happen above:

Hoards of Ratmen in a main force pour through a fissure and move into the city for a second and final assault as two flanking forces move to encircle all defending soldiers in a bloodbath of slaughter.

X and Crellion have stepped in the line of one such flanking force of about a dozen Skaven armed with Warplock Pistols, Warpfire Throwers, and a Ratling Cannon…

Your move.


X will bravely run away! Good Luck White Wolf I’m out of here! (just kidding) X: “Well Hellion, lets see what kind of damage that hammer of yours can do.” X attacks with his axe; “May the God of Death” be satisfied with your mutated souls!"

Night Of The Rat Part 3

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