Empire Apocalypse

Night of The Rat Part 2

It's always darkest before the dawn...


The faint light of approaching dawn reaches its fingers over the horizon as X and Crellion enter the Law Quarter with Elu and their newly found ally, Lavinia. The Law Quarter resembles nothing more than a sombre beehive. Darkly clad barristers, judges, and clerks bustle to and fro, the most influential trailed by trains of liveried runners who occasionally peel away and run off on some important errand. Solid grey buildings carved from huge blocks of granite loom over you, making everyone feel insignificant to the power of law.

Elu introduces the party to the watch leader who immediately takes an interest in Crellion, looking for hopeful military advice as they plan a counter-insurgency in the coming dawn. IT seems that the Skaven have overrun the Taalbaston and the Tallows and control the areas, while zombie hordes have appeared and spread the plague through the Taalgarten and Graveyard districts. They plan to launch an assault to rid the town of the zombies first, then isolate or mercy-slain any found to be infected. You are informed that Daubler has been producing a cure, but it isn’t fast enough. The watch seeks Crellion’s help for the assault.

The watchman also reveals that the rat bastards tried to capture the gate and bridge but a witch-hunter appeared during the night and helped fend off the vermin.

He hands Crellion a note that was shot over the wall into the Law Quarter. Written in Kislev it says “They are coming.” Signed Roland.

A priest of Shallya nods at X. “Brother, you seem to be in need of healing. Our houses are full, but we’ve been asked to help you as you carry something that may be of aid to us. When you are ready follow me.”

Lavinia steps forward and shakes the hands of two gentleman, a leather wearing Thief named Adalham and a mail-clad thug-like looking fighter with a two-handed sword named Meinholf. “My friends, Igor is no longer among the living, but I’m glad to see your faces again. Is there somewhere we can rest and eat?”

The watchman replies, “Surely, we’ll help you. There are papers to sign of course, and soon, positions to fill on the watch. Everyone earns their keep during this dark siege. Take your rest now for soon we go to war.”

What say you all..?



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