Little is known about the mysterious Roland and little will be revealed here. If you knew him years ago he was a steadfast adventurer, 6’ 3", brown hair black eyes, currently about 42 years old by rough estimates. He is a somewhat rabid servant of Law. As years passed he would cloak himself, becoming completely occluded as a Witch-Hunter. If you see him now, at best, you might catch the gaze of one of his eyes, piercing from the shadows. (Think Aragorn when he first met the hobbits in Bree meets Vampire Hunter D.)


Roland’s life can be split into three distinct stages. Born an only child in Nuln to a farming family, he burst on the scene as a mercenary after learning his parents were killed by the Cult of The Purple Hand. He quickly formed the six-bladed doom cult and lead the group against chaos with information he learned as shieldbreaker, tomb robber, bodyguard and finally witch hunter, a career where most of his fame was earned. The second stage saw Roland adventuring into the east becoming an initiate of what he calls “the old gods” then progressing to priest and anointed priest. In this stage he advised the group’s efforts in Ashes of Middenheim after the Chaos attack. He disappeared again from public view and emerged in his third stage – a demagogue for Law. Crellion “The Hellion” was the first to witness this change. He is permanently marked for death by the Cult of the Purple Hand, outlawed by the Cult of Sigmar, and wanted for questioning by the Ordo Fidelis. In slaying Baron Apostal Piron, Roland has unknowingly earned a one-time pardon with the Von Carstein vampire clan.


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