Rescued slave-girl of Koros-dar Nael


Aluthra is a beautiful, alluring and very friendly maid from Bretonnia. She has shoulder length black hair, pale features and dark circles under her eyes – perhaps from her long stay as a slave to the undead.


Aluthra fled her homeland to escape an arranged marriage and took up service as a barmaid in an out-of-the-way coaching inn near an isolated village. Near the village, underneath a graveyard, Grimald, a young necromancer and servant of Koros encountered Aluthra and abducted her for his master. She was taken along with them to Karak Azgal.

When Koros was defeated, Aluthra was freed by the fellowship of the forge and returned to the surface with Kurt Conrad and others; see Apocalypse S2 – Session One.


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