Within the fold where the Black Mountains and World’s Edge Mountains join there is found the large lake known as Black Water. In the rock surrounding, and beneath, this lake the dwarves discovered rich veins of Gromril, and two great dwarfholds arose to exploit this fortune; they became known as the Twin Holds, or Karak Varn ‘Stronghold of the lake enclosed by mountains’ and Zhufbar ‘Torrent – Gate.’

The dwarfhold of Zhufbar is where the Gromril mined from beneath Karak Varn was smelted and forged into the weapons and armor that made the dwarves famous. Zhufbar is nestled in a deep chasm below Lake Black Water, and high above the city a huge waterfall spills from the lake where the water rushes through the chasm. The dwarf engineers built many water – wheels to capture the energy of the torrential waters, to power their ore crushers, washing pans, drop hammers and other machines. With their influence Zhufbar soon became the center for the Dwarf Engineer’s Guild, and contains their principle shrine too. The noise of industry would resound throughout Zhufbar incesantly, and at night the chasm glowed with the light of a thousand furnaces.

The dwarves of Karak Varn hadn’t heeded the lessons of Karak Ungor, and mined ever deeper and precariously close to the lake’s basin. When geologic instability shook the World’s Edge Mountains the lake drained through fissures in the rock; flooding the mines and Karak Varn, and sweeping away many dwarves along with their treasure. As the dwarves struggled to repair the damage the skaven and goblin lackies stormed through the tunnels, overrunning the dwarves in a bid to claim Karak Varn; they didn’t come for the Gromril ore, but the Warpstone beds alongside.

As Lake Black Water vanished so to did the waterfall, and without the rushing waters of the chasm Zhufbar was vulnerable to attack. With the fall of Karak Varn a horde of greenskins arose and smashed the silent water – wheels and gates too. The bitter fight ran the length of the canyon, but the dwarves defeat was inevitable; only with the aid of Sigmar and the humans at the first Battle of Black Fire Pass were the greenskins turned back, and Zhufbar reclaimed.

Zhufbar remained an important center for mining and metalworking, and the dwarves of Zhufbar passed on their knowledge of metalworking and engineering to the humans of the Empire. Eventually a human settlement grew along the lakeshore of Black Water, and Zhufbar became a key city where the Empire and Dwarves met to trade.

There has been word that Zhufbar has fallen to the greenskins since the Chaos attack. Many have left to investigate but no one has ever returned from Zhufbar to validate the claim.


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