the six-bladed doom cult

Formed in 2504, this group of characters eventually took the moniker: Six Bladed Doom Cult in mockery of all the cultist organizations they had fought (Cult of The Purple Hand, Cult of the Jade Scepter, Cult of the Red Crown, etc). This group was ultimately responsible for foiling a plot against Graf Boris Todbringer and they have earned a lasting sort of infamy from their exploits during and after their often unwilling service to thwart Chaos. The group disbanded in 2511, then re-formed for a brief time in 2524 (one year ago), the year of the Chaos attack.


The Executioner

Kurt Conrad


Crellion “The Hellion”

Andar Revelstone

Captain Jack

Most, but not all, of the campaign centers around these characters either as a group, or in their actions with other groups. Are they taking new recruits? Time will tell…

NOTE: All members have been marked for death by the Cult of the Purple Hand.

the six-bladed doom cult

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