The ancestor god Grimnir is the brother of Grungni and joint husband of Valaya, their sister. Grimnir is the patron of dwarven warriors and of the dwarven Slayers’ Cult in particular. Grimnir is the defender of the dwarven race, and during their ancient migration north Grimnir defeated many enemies, e.g. trolls, giants and dragons too. With the Age of Chaos many new dangers arose, and wielding two mighty axes recently forged by Grungni, Grimnir led the dwarves against these new abominations.

Eventually Grimnir learned of the warp gate through which chaos was spilling into the world, and against the advice of Grungni and Valaya, he vowed to travel north to close it with his own hands. In preparation for his journey Grimnir shaved the sides of his head, dyed the rest orange and used animal fat to create a spiked crest; he tattooed his body with elaborate patterns, incorporating his personal rune within the design (dishonored dwarves follow this ritual upon entering the Slayers’ Cult.) Giving one of his axes to his son Morgrim, Grimnir began his journey north while singing his death – song. Morgrim followed Grimnir, though his father urged him to turn back. Near Norsca, Grimnir slew the marauding dragon Glammendrüng; grievously wounded during the battle, Grimnir hewed a claw from the dragon and used it to ritually scar his body in preparation for the forthcoming battles.

Upon arriving at the edge of the Chaos Wastes the two fought a three day, titanic battle with the daemon prince Kragen’ome’nanthal, scion of Khorne. Near death Grimnir delivered the daemon prince a killing blow, and incurred the wrath of Khorne. Following their rest, Grimnir commanded Morgrim to return and replace him as the dwarves’ defender. Morgrim watched his father’s visage dissipate in the haze of the Chaos Wastes, and what became of Grimnir is beyond dwarven awareness. Dwarves do not speak of the matter!

Grimnir is depicted as a muscular dwarf covered with tattoos and ritual scars; wearing his hair in the spiked orange crest motif of a Slayer, and adorned with similar exotic jewelry. He wears chain mail, and is armed with the rune axe Az – Dreugidum “War – Axe of Doom.”

Alignment: Neutral

Symbol: Grimnir’s main symbol is a double – bladed axe (one of the favorite weapons of Dwarf Slayers.) Clerics of Grimnir dress in breeches with tattoos on their chest, including Grimnir’s rune, and wear their hair in a Slayer’s Crest.


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