Enemy Within

The Enemy Within Campaign was the primary adventure arc (but not only) of the original groups of player characters: Andar Revelstone, Captain Jack, Crellion “The Hellion”, Kurt Conrad, Roland and The Executioner.

The series began in (1987) Altdorf where the adventurers first met the Cult of The Purple Hand and continued with:

“Shadows over Bogenhafen” (1988) – defeating Johannes Teugen from opening a Chaos gate (see the 1986 film “The Gate” to get the idea)
“Death on the Reik” (1988) – defeating the Von Wittgenstein Clan from unleashing ultimate Chaos on the empire (influential for the time, Santuary’s debut album (1988) and Blue Oyster Cult’s “Imaginos” (1988)
“Warmhammer City and Power Behind The Throne” (1989-1990) – defeating Carl Wasmeier and The Clt of The Purple Hand from assassinating Graf Boris Todbringer
“Something Rotten in Kislev” (1991-1992) rescuing the Temple of Ancient Allies from Sulring Durgul and his per dragon
“Empire In Flames” (1993) finding Simgar’s hammer or helping Heinrich Toddbringer take the throne after the death of Karl Franz.

The campaign officially retired in 1994 and was dormant until 2006 and adopted WFRP 2nd edition and new characters helped usher in the era of change and growth in the campaign:

Mourendar Boulderdash, Viktor Greenthistle, Taro, and others until retirement in 2009.

2012 marked the on-line version of this campaign, with added players and new characters.

NOTE: This campaign has nothing to do with WFRP 3rd Edition at this time.

Enemy Within

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