1st Edition Warhammer

“A Grim World Of Perilous Adventure.” The statement that summarizes 1st Edition Warhammer and as much as possible, this campaign aims to retain the flavor of that edition of the game.

The 1st edition rules went into effect in 1986 and held sway until 1997 when the WFRP game was discontinued by Games Workshop.

Certain aspects of this version of WFRP are retained in this 2nd Edition (2005-2009) campaign, notably the critical hit charts. Please see the list of house-rules in the forum for a full set of rules in effect from 1st edition.

The 1st Edition Rulebook is worth looking at for the art therein is a great example of the tone, style, and voice of much of this 25 year old and counting campaign.

For music fans, the best soundtrack to WFRP 1st Edition in the GM’s opinion is Celtic Frost’s “To Mega Therion” album from 1985. The best artist, Ian Miller hands down – see below:


1st Edition Warhammer

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