Human Mercenary, 30 years old, bald, battle-scarred check and scalp, hazel eyes, neutrally aligned

Favored weapons: two-handed sword, shield, hand axe, dagger and crossbow

Armor: leather jack, leather cap, mail shirt

Wounds: 14
Armor Points: 3 body, 1 head/arms, 0 legs (add 4 from Toughness)
Fate Points: 2
Insanity Points: 1
XP: 0

Dodge Blow – 35% (armor penalty)
Attacks Per Round – 2
Initiative: 25% +1D10

Move – 4
Weapon Skill – 45%
Ballistic Skill – 41%
Strength – 43% +4 damage
Toughness – 40% +4 damage reduction (add armor points for location)
Agility – 25% (armor penalty included)
Intelligence – 28%
Will Power – 31%
Fellowship – 24%

Talents: SWG Two-Handed, Strike Mighty Blow, Strong-Minded, Very Strong, Quick Draw, Rapid Reload, Strike To Stun

Skills: Animal Care, Drive, Gamble, Gossip, Outdoor Survival, Perception, Ride, Search, Swim
Trades: Smith
Knowledges: Common Knowledge Empire
Languages: Riekspiel, Battle Tongue


Only child of a smith from Ostland, Zurg enlisted in the militia of Middenheim, and the service of Sigmar. It was in that city that Zurg met The Executioner, Crellion “The Hellion”, Roland, Kurt Conrad and Andar Revelstone and assisted them in defeating the Brotherhood of the Axe from releasing the chaos demon Xanthrodox Incarnadinefrom the malevolent Brass Skull artifact upon the Empire. Later, priests of Ulric destroyed the artifact and asked the party to their service. Zurg refused to accept the Mark of Unity and went off on his own, pursuing the career of mercenary. Recently he has re-joined the party after meeting them in Altdorf and has agreed to travel with them to Talabheim – on the trail of the third and final artifact of chaos.


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