Viktor Greenthistle

Halfling Master Thief


Ruthless, Halfing “Miafiaso” type criminal, member of the Greenthistle Thieves Guild, and Deadgate Thieves’ Guild. Male, 25 years old, 3’ 11", 100 pounds, ash blonde hair, brown eyes.


Originating as a Vagabond from The Moot from a farming family, Viktor made his way to Bogenhoffen where he started the career of thief and adventuring with Mourendar Boulderdash until their volatile split in Karak-Azgal. Viktor also participated in saving Altdorf with the six-bladed doom cult and worked for a brief time as a thief in The Executioner’s crime ring. He has made his way to Cat Burglar, Racketeer and is currently a Master Thief serving the Cult of Ranald.

Viktor Greenthistle

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