The Executioner


A self-described “bad-ass”, X is a walking tank of intimidation. An anti-hero to the core, he delights in bullying the weak for fun, hazing associates until he trusts them, and yet has become the stuff of legend for saving the Empire — even though he hates all it stands for. Those who’ve seen him without his executioner’s hood or helmet note a 45 year old male, 6’ 2", 210 pounds, shaved black hair, green eyes and an evil demeanor. Earrings, scars, burns, tattoos call his body home, the biggest mark – a scar on his right hand (where he scraped off the Mark of Unity given by Ulric himself).


X was born in Averswald and found himself on the streets at an early age after his parents’ death. He worked as a Protagonist in Nuln, fighting anyone for pay, then followed the careers of bounty hunter, and assassin where his fame increased. He worked as a outlaw chief and crime lord in Middenheim where he was imprisoned for a brief time. After the chaos attack he worked as a warden and is now “career free” – having nothing to gain from the limiting classes of the Empire. The chaos god Nurgle has a personal feud with X over his impromptu murder of Jonas Whitespore 13 years ago. Chaos champions have been asked to take his head as tribute. His feuds with Kurt Conrad are legendary. The Cult of The Crimson Skull have put a bounty on X recently to only add to his infamy.

The Executioner

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