Tamara Collins

Priest of Sigmar


A female priest of Sigmar with short red hair and green eyes who packs quite a wallop with her great hammer.


Originally from Altdorf, Tamara set up a temple of Sigmar in Karak Azgal some time ago. She is loyal to Thorgin Dragonslayer, Lord of the Hold. Rumor has it they may be more than friends. Tamara was dispatched to negotiate with Mourendar Boulderdash and establish friendly relations with the forge and High Council of Karak Azgal. A dispute over the skaven Skithin Skryre and Tamara’s insistence that the creature be allowed to join the fellowship of the forge effectively ended the hope of diplomacy. To this day, Mourendar and all who follow him are outlaws and the Thane has made it his personal vendetta to regain the forge for the city.

Tamara has not been seen since she departed to the surface after the battle of the forge. She remains on good terms with Kurt Conrad whom she made a pack with to unify the factions of Sigmar and Ulric.

Tamara Collins

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