Magister Aponymous Rone

Master Wizard of the College of Light


A slender hooded figure, with skin that almost seems to glow from within and near-colorless hair. His eyes are pearly hued and lack perceptible irises, which make his sharp black pupils stand out starkly in the otherwise white expanse of his face.

Wizards of light bear the highest reputations, greatest wealth, and almost, in Rone’s case, speak for the Emperor (living or dead).


The college of light is one of the largest repositories of knowledge and information in the Empire. Aponymous was an adventurer and famous battle wizard in his day, and is a master of identifying potential relics and magic items.

After the Chaos attack, Rone has seen to the “commissioning” of heroes to insure the forces of light suffer no further setbacks after the damage incurred from the storm of chaos. His first commission was Roland and Crellion “The Hellion” to deal with some trouble in Averheim. The duo failed, reported back to Rone, and, seeming a changed man, he refused further dealings with them, refusing to pay them for their services.

Rone also noted that the college would look for the chalice of Xanthrodox without them, implying they are forbidden from doing so. What Rone doesn’t know is that Roland and Crellion decided to pursue the chalice anyway, hoping to beat him to the goal.

Rone was last seen in Nuln, far from the colleges of magic in Altdorf.

Magister Aponymous Rone

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