Kurt Conrad

Priest of Ulric


51 year old male human, 6’2 220 lbs. Long graying hair and beard with a fine fur trimmed robe under a cloak of the White Wolf. He also shows the mark of unity on his right hand ( the wolf and hammer). Serious, with intense eyes.


Has lived in a palace, then a sewer, now the temple. Like Crellion “The Hellion”, Kurt Conrad “KC” was born in Altdorf. Crellion was a city-boy, and Kurt was a country bumpkin from Bravenwurt. They adventured together to Nuln where they eventually joined the six-bladed doom cult. Kurt hacked his way from soldier to captain of the Imperial guard, then as a Judicial Champion for Middeheim, where he met and married Graf Boris Todbringer‘s daughter, Katarina. They have one son, Dort. Kurt served for a time as a Knight’s Panther and then retired as a Noble Lord. His feud with The Executioner ended when he tricked the Crime Lord into an ambush where he was imprisoned until the Chaos attack.

A month prior to the seige of Middenheim, Katarina was assassinated by an unknown murderer. Kurt believed it to be Skaven work, but the Graf in utter sorrow blamed her death on Kurt and ex-communicated him from the family. Refusing to accept this judgement, he disguised himself as a sewer jack, and stayed in Middenheim defending the city against the storm of chaos and freeing The Executioner during the carnage.

Later, Kurt relocated Dort to an unknown location and took up the career as champion and defended Altdorf from Xanthrodox Incarnadine. Thereafter, the feud between X and KC ended violently when X killed Kurt Conrad for payback for his prison term. However, fate spun its thread and KC was granted further life as long as he would serve Ulric in a new way.

Kurt took up the career of Priest of Ulric and headed to Karak Azgal under the pretense of finding Ghal Maraz and uniting the empire — with his son Dort as emperor!

There has been no word of Kurt Conrad since his departure.

Kurt Conrad

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