Crellion "The Hellion"

Knight of the White Wolf


A foppish, long-haired ruffian who bears the Mark of Unity on his right hand. Fairly short at 5’ 7", 170lbs, brown hair and eyes, Crellion otherwise fits the typical description of a Knight of the White Wolf: full plate armor, no helm, white wolf skin cloak and carries a massive war hammer.


Crellion was born into peasantry in Altdorf and took to crime as an easy way out. He began his career as a smuggler in Nuln where he hooked up with the six-bladed doom cult and adventured with them for many years. He was mistaken as Kastor Lieberung and tried unsuccessfully (with the help of his new friends) to gain Lieberung’s inheritance. The adventurers soon found out Lieberung was dead and was a high-ranking member of the Cult of The Purple Hand. Their lives have seldom been the same since.

Crellion worked his way up to a fence but seemed to be losing ground. As the weakest member of the party in combat, Crellion bore the brunt of The Executioner and Captain Jack’s hazing antics, culminating in being tossed from the balcony of a theater into a group of watchman as a diversion tactic. A brief stint in jail followed. While in Middenheim, Crellion broke from his criminal career and took up service as a squire for a Knight of The White Wolf where he has advanced to a place of importance while positioning himself as a warrior of note – keeping the hazing tactics of anyone largely at bay.

Crellion has spent many years in Kislev and has adopted some of their customs and regional accents. He’s been married three times, sired two sons, all of whom are assumed dead after the Chaos attack.

Currently Crellion has moved to the de-facto leader of the six-bladed doom cult in Roland’s growing absences.

Crellion "The Hellion"

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