Captain Jack



Bad Mother Fucker is Captain Jack Morgan’s motto. He’s spent his life living up to it. Forty, 6’ 2", 185 lbs., black hair, blue eyes, and armed to the teeth with blunderbus pistols. He will never appear in anything but the finest, richest clothing money can buy. He serves the God Manann when he can and is usually found with members of his merchant empire wherever he travels.


Jack was born in Nuln and nothing is known about his family. He’s been known to say “they’re all dead” or “they’re all losers.” He joined the six-bladed doom cult as a seaman, earned mate status and eventually stepped up to captain with his own ship and crew. With The Executioner Jack enjoyed bullying weaker members of the group and has been the instigation of many a barroom brawl. He’s the least reliant team member and one often wonders if he’s even concerned with the group’s goals. With his ship and crew Jack adventured as an explorer setting up a base in Marienburg and made a merchant empire. He’s the epitome of the Empire in many ways.

Recently Jack participated in two failed ventures, one involving Karak Azgal. His first failure was an attempt to steal a unique cache of wine from Crellion “The Hellion” and Roland who were serving Magister Aponymous Rone‘s orders in Averheim. With the aid of Viktor Greenthistle Jack succeeded in obtaining the wine but his drunken crew blew up the ship in route and whatever profit was in his mind sunk to the bottom of the Reik river. Ignorantly enough, the chaos-tainted wine has infected much of the empire’s largest river.

Upon hearing of Mourendar Boulderdash‘s quest to free Zhufbar, Jack hatched a plan with the dwarf to secure a trade route back to empire for the dwarven stronghold. This plan never happened as the group diverted course to Karak Azgal. There Mourendar’s change of heart regarding dwarven relics led to a split in the partnership.

His future is uncertain.

Captain Jack

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