Brady Hawkes (deceased)



Brady was only 20 years old when the hourglass of fate ran dry. He was a well groomed and clean gambler, always acting a few steps above his actual position. A natural role-player, the career of charlatan was his path to adventure.


Brady was born in Nuln and knew only that he was raised by a Madam in a brothel. He joined the Cult of Ranald and embarked to Karak Azgal. He experienced more adventures than someone of his stature would expect, exhausting faint points and final succumbing to a infectious disease at the hands of the elf Liche Koros dar Nael. Kurt Conrad and others vowed to take him to the surface of where a cure might be found. Brady didn’t last the trip. The disease ran its course, turning him into a mutant zombie; see Apocalypse S2 – Session One.

Brady Hawkes (deceased)

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