Aranel Ringeril

Elven Sergeant


A 65 year old tall wood elf with brilliant silver eyes and long silver hair. Described as a militant warrior with a lawful attitude and a big axe. He worships Kurnos the Hunter fervently.


Aranel was born to a family of beastmen hunters in the Laurelorn forest. His two older brothers were slain in the line of duty. Seeking adventure, Aranel became a river warden, then was inducted as a sergeant in the Elven army. Recently he was assigned to protect Andar Revelstone as racial tensions have grown in the aftermath of the Chaos attack. Elves are as likely to be shunned as mutants. Aranel is not sure the exact purpose of the pledge only that Andar is of some value to the elven community.

He journeyed to Altdorf and find Andar, but, the wizard was not in town. A rumor that Andar and KC, ala Kurt Conrad had gone through the Border Princes to an ancient dwarven city. He decides to over Black Fire Pass and then south to Karak Azgal.

There he unexpectedly finds that KC is a Priest of Ulric overseeing a small shrine in the Dwarf hold. The Priest is not very interested in Anarel’s story and tells him that he has no time for an elfish rabbit hunter. The elf is persistent and KC tasks him to keep an eye on his companions into the world below the city.

“If you return, I may have need for you further.”…

Aranel Ringeril

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