Andar Revelstone

Elven Wizard Lord


In the presence of Andar Revelstone one can almost feel the elements of the universe tearing apart at the seems. He is without question one of the most powerful Wizards in the empire, and his awe-provoking gaze only confirms the sentiment. Greatly feared, condescending and unchallenged, Andar is a rival to nearly all. This feat is unique for his age, 90, very young for an elf. 5’ 8", 155 lbs, white hair, blue eyes (sometimes) and a firm servant of Law. He prefers to fight with staff, sword and dagger when not annihilating the country side with the powers of differing schools of magick – as only elven wizards have the gift to command multiple lines of magic energy.


Andar was born to elven envoys in Reikwald and was quickly put into service as a squire with plans for a long, steadfast career as an elven knight. This never came to be. Andar performed poorly as a squire and withdrew himself from the six-bladed doom cult over confrontations with The Executioner. He later returned on the scene as a wizard’s apprentice, playing a supporting role in foiling the plot to overthrow Graf Boris Todbringer. As Wizard Lord, Andar has great influence in Middenheim and Altdorf and at one time commanded equal leadership in the guilds of Fire, Metal and Death. After the Chaos attack, as the various powers fight for control, Andar has been acting as an independent force, fighting for Law and currently only holds office in the school of metal magic. He participated in the defeat of Xanthrodox Incarnadine in Middenheim and Altdorf. He has always been a stalwart opponent of the forces of Chaos, and his held in high regard to those “in the know.” Andar developed his knowledge regarding warpstone into experimentation with a cure for the mutations caused with prolonged exposure to the element. Nearly a year ago he departed the Empire to search for Ghal Maraz with Kurt Conrad. There has been no word of him since.

Andar Revelstone

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