Alette Ulricsdottir



A blonde, beautiful, buxom and “hot” warrior-maiden, Alette is a nymphomaniac — Ulric worshipers only. She’s also a bit insane. For those in her way, she bashes with her flail. She has recently “fallen” for Crellion “The Hellion” and is bent on bearing his children — to raise a litter of White Wolf fanatics to reclaim the Empire!


Alette is a loyal follower of Ulric. The word “loyal” grossly understates her fervour. Even “fanatic” is somewhat dull when compared against the raging fires that burn within her. She feels her fellows are far too tolerant of the blashemous worship of the usurper, Sigmar, and takes the whole situation personally. She has a mind to find a way to assassinate the Arch-Lector a.k.a. Theocrat of Sigmar.

Alette Ulricsdottir

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