Empire Apocalypse

Rusty Remedies - Part 3: Crellion and Elu

Night of the Long Knives

Eladio: “Well, Elu, I’ll take first watch up here. Best check on your friend below. If there’s any disturbance up here I will signal you.”

Elu’s lost some composure for what he’s stepped into joining this group of adventures. Never did he think that looking for Andar Revelstone would lead him here — a city surrounded by the dead with a rotten disease festering on the inside. Never-the-less, Crellion’s survival plays the biggest key in all of this.

Elu enters the basement and finds Crellion awake, but fatigued, eating from a small plate of food. Daubler, showing the pallid look of sleep deprivation, hovers over him.

Daubler: “His fever has past. The cure is working. An appetite is a good sign if he can keep down the food. We’ll know for sure come the day. Now I must sleep. Watch him. Find me if need be.”

Elu: “I will. Eladio is on watch.”

Daubler squabbles to the stair and climbs out of view.

Crellion scarfs down the remaining food on the plate, looks up to Elu. The knight of the White Wolf hasn’t looked this good in days — minus the grey patches on his exposed skin.

Crellion: “I’m started to regain my senses about me, Andar.”

Elu: “It’s Elu.”

Crellion, looks closely. “Yes, it is. My memory is thin. Tell me everything I’ve missed…”



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