Empire Apocalypse

Rusty Remedies Part 2 - Recon, X & Roland Style

A Little Light Night Music

Roland: “Let’s see if anyone has died of the plague inside the walls. And if they have, where the bodies are.”

Elu: “The City Watch has always been in charge of collecting bodies. They usually pass them on to the Priests of Morr.”

Roland: “So it is. Hold down the fort.”

X and Roland slip into cover of darkness along the Talabheim streets with adept use of concealment, shadowing, and silent footsteps…

The two of you arrive at the Garden of Morr and the stench of the body piles hit your senses before the sight on the mounds of dead. Even at night the priests toll away dragging corpses along the tombstones. Roland approaches a priest, makes an exchange in the Classical language (with a Gossip role on the sly). Whatever they say, the priest seems in the mood for talk and responds to Roland favorably.


Roland: Well, X. The priests are willing to talk if we’re willing to haul some bodies…"



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