Empire Apocalypse

Rusty Remedies - Part 1

Daubler guides Crellion through a back stair to the basement of his shop where he’s cobbled together an impressive laboratory/experimental workshop. He points out a cot where Crellion will be resting for the next three to four days, then ties a piece of cloth around his mouth.

Daubler: “We don’t want me getting sick, now do we.”


Daubler gathers the implements the party handed over to him and begins his work on perfecting a cure for Crellion.

“I will forgo my normal fees for donating these implements to my practice. You must rest as much as possible, and there is a hot water bath in the next room. From the smell of you, I suggest that first. Here is a piece of leather to bite on if the shivering grows unbearable.”

He hands over the strip to Crellion, continues:

“Here is an urn with a temporary remedy, it will slow the course of the disease, which still may take your life. But it will buy us needed time.”

Crellion inspects the urn, whatever is inside has a sweet smell to it.

“In a few days we shall find out if this is a disease, a poison, or the work of Chaos…”

In the parlor of Daubler’s shop, X, Elu, Roland, and Eldaio discuss exactly what the four of them shall do while Crellion waits for the cure.

Eladio: “It’s unwise for all of us to stay here without a little sneak through town. We must keep alert of any developments. I insist on taking the task.”

Roland: “I’m not really apt to let anyone out of my sight at this point. Seems whenever we do… cloaks turn if you get what I mean… Besides, one of us should be down there with Crellion, watching him. I don’t trust Daubler anymore than Hohenlohe at this point…”



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