Empire Apocalypse


The Search For A Cure

Crellion, Elu, X, Roland and Alette find the herbalist’s home down an alley just off the main road adjacent the Wizard’s Way. The door to the place has been reinforced, and a sign swings above with an ivy plant etched into the wood. At this time Taalagad has fallen into complete lawlessness, with most of the watch M.I.A. So far, none have dared molest your party.

Crellion gives the door several stout knocks but no one answers the call. Even the repeated thumps of X’s fist against the wood fail to draw an answer. The door itself would require a strong assault to break open, but it is possible one could pick the lock. Elu notes that there is a small walled garden in back.

Roland removes a set of picks from his cloak and turns the latch. “Why wait?”

He pushes the door ajar and steps in…

The residence seems simple enough, for a two story dwelling. You pass through a kitchen, then a dinning room, and lastly a large, book-filled study, where the body of an middle-aged bearded gentlemen in slumped over a desk, a simple throwing blade buried in the base of his neck…




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