Empire Apocalypse


A plague! A plague on all your houses!

The two day ride back to Talabheim is fraught with little trouble. On the morning of the second day only a nagging cough from Crellion that seems to have developed over the travel stirs the calm. That evening, within sight of the walls of Talabheim, X notices some hunched figures while on watch. They run off the road to the north and race off at great speed towards the dark wall of the Taalbaston in the distance, illuminated by the pale light of Mannslieb. A quick perception test and X is certain the figures ran faster than any human can. Though they are long gone, X makes a quick follow trail test on the prints – rodent prints – man-sized – gotta be Skaven.

X alerts the party and they follow the trail which ends at the bank of a river and the tracks are no more. The party returns to camp, Crellion coughs all night.


Dawn breaks and the party heads to the docks. You can already hear the cries of anguish before first sight of the buildings of Taalagad. Shouts of plague echo everywhere as does violent reaction to the closing of the Wizard’s Way effectively closing the citizens AND YOU out of Talabheim.

Tala plague

A quick gossip roll by the party and a few things are learned – the plague starts as a cough – then develops in shivers then death. And then some come back – as flesh eating zombies!

A group of flagellants is also lose as rumor has it, roaming the streets at night, setting ablaze any who seem to be sick. Lastly, the docks seems to be infested with unusually big rats!

“Let’s collect our pay at any rate,” issues Elu. The party agrees and moves quickly to see the Magistrate.

Not surprisingly, the Eel is shutdown, the magistrate nowhere to be found. Tacked on the door is a poster that reads:




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