Empire Apocalypse

Apocalypse S1 Session 4

The Morning After

20090312sunrise large

Dawn of the third day brings a keening wail throughout the small refugee camp that awakens each of you: X jumps out of his tent, casting off two young ladies… Crellion throws aside Alette and their blanket, reaching for his armor… The Fabulouso gathers the rest of the party as you all run to the source of the scream. In route, Roland springs forth from the tree line, joins your march.

Ahead a crowd of refugees has gathered, blocking the view. “Protect us good sirs!” “Taal save us!” Elu is quick to act, charming a few to make a path to what lies ahead.

At the south edge of the camp, a grisly sight awaits… A small group of peasants stand around a blood-spattered tent. Slashes in the canvas reveal a family of three: man, woman, and girl child, brutally slain, their bodies mauled as if by a wild beast…



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