Empire Apocalypse

Apocalypse S1 Session 13

Is there an apothecary in 'da house?

Daubler’s shop rests on the far end of Nordgate‘s main drag called The Iron Lane. The locals you pressed with gossip skills called the place "Daubler’s" but the a sign above the door reads: Rusty Remedies.


The Sabine Rose and ivy covers part of the squat front wall and a round stained glass window in center – not cheap by Old World standards. The front door is open and quite a few patrons are lined up in the waiting room inside.

Roland remarks that the crowd just won’t do. Quick on the response, X bullies himself inside to the front of the line. There is an outburst from a few of the customers ended quickly as X plants the blade of his axe into the floor. They look at it, then observe Roland uncoil a length of rope into a hangman’s nose.

Elu steps forward, taps the badge of his watch uniform, and states official business requires everyone out – least the situation get ugly. They stare thinking of how to counter-argue when X leaps up and shouts… “Boo!”

They file out like frantic roaches, nearly knocking Crellion over in the process.

The noise brings forth a healthy, middle-aged man from an open doorway. His wide bright blue eyes scan the lot of you…

“There are better ways of seeking my services than scarring off my customers. This should be good, indeed. How may I help you?”



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