Empire Apocalypse

Night of the Rat Part 4
Preulde to the Summer of The Dead

So it is that X, Crellion, Roland, Andar, and Captain Jack climb out of the sewer underworld, having broken the flanking forces on the Rat-Men, and find themselves on the God’s Row, facing the the Heldenhammer Temple.


Waves of Skaven flow on the streets, straight onto the hastily erected barricades that now line the avenues of the God’s Row. That is not all… fighting among the rat-men are the restless dead, ignoring the mutant rodents, and lunging only for the nearest human prey.

Over your heads flocks of ravens descend from the sky to tear out the eyes of hundred of Skaven. Flames of unnatural hue and green-tinged lightning surge about on both sides of the line as mystic forces are brought to bear. Your very skin tingles with the raw power you feel surging about the streets of God’s Row, and Skaven die by the hundreds till the night air is split with a horrendous roar that shakes you to your very bones.

A squad of huge, misshapen Ratmen the size of Ogres are soon whipped to the front of the Skaven line. Limbs replaced with massive cutting shears tear through the soldiers that hold the front ranks as if they were paper, and the Rat Ogres swiftly break into the streets.

The remaining Talabheim forces prepare to retreat when an enormous bear rushes from behind you and tackles the first Rat Ogre, giving the soldiers time to retreat but leaving you in the path of the remaining Rat Ogres…


Night Of The Rat Part 3
Don't Bring An Axe to a Gunfight...

In the city above…

There is a foul smell on the wind as evening approaches. It clings to the back of the throat and sets soldiers who haven’t succumbed to the Grey Ague to coughing. The approaching night grows more ill as the full face of the Chaos moon Moorslieb smiles over the streets of Talabheim with its sickly green light. If X and Crellion were above ground to see this they would recall a night over twenty years past when the Chaos moon shown bright over the Reik beyond the Barren Hills and Devil’s Bowl.

A soft rumble shakes the cobblestone streets, and in the pause that follows all in the city feel a second violent ripple shudder through the ground. Several columns of dust arise to the north of the city, along the base of the Taalbaston. And then you hear it—a cry like that of thousands of angry birds or perhaps, rats, shrieking as one…


Below, as X and Crellion make their way through the passage under the sewer to the Taalbaston, they can feel the rumble above as pieces of cracked earth fall around them.

They are not too late to the party for they see below what is about to happen above:

Hoards of Ratmen in a main force pour through a fissure and move into the city for a second and final assault as two flanking forces move to encircle all defending soldiers in a bloodbath of slaughter.

X and Crellion have stepped in the line of one such flanking force of about a dozen Skaven armed with Warplock Pistols, Warpfire Throwers, and a Ratling Cannon…

Your move.

Night of The Rat Part 2
It's always darkest before the dawn...


The faint light of approaching dawn reaches its fingers over the horizon as X and Crellion enter the Law Quarter with Elu and their newly found ally, Lavinia. The Law Quarter resembles nothing more than a sombre beehive. Darkly clad barristers, judges, and clerks bustle to and fro, the most influential trailed by trains of liveried runners who occasionally peel away and run off on some important errand. Solid grey buildings carved from huge blocks of granite loom over you, making everyone feel insignificant to the power of law.

Elu introduces the party to the watch leader who immediately takes an interest in Crellion, looking for hopeful military advice as they plan a counter-insurgency in the coming dawn. IT seems that the Skaven have overrun the Taalbaston and the Tallows and control the areas, while zombie hordes have appeared and spread the plague through the Taalgarten and Graveyard districts. They plan to launch an assault to rid the town of the zombies first, then isolate or mercy-slain any found to be infected. You are informed that Daubler has been producing a cure, but it isn’t fast enough. The watch seeks Crellion’s help for the assault.

The watchman also reveals that the rat bastards tried to capture the gate and bridge but a witch-hunter appeared during the night and helped fend off the vermin.

He hands Crellion a note that was shot over the wall into the Law Quarter. Written in Kislev it says “They are coming.” Signed Roland.

A priest of Shallya nods at X. “Brother, you seem to be in need of healing. Our houses are full, but we’ve been asked to help you as you carry something that may be of aid to us. When you are ready follow me.”

Lavinia steps forward and shakes the hands of two gentleman, a leather wearing Thief named Adalham and a mail-clad thug-like looking fighter with a two-handed sword named Meinholf. “My friends, Igor is no longer among the living, but I’m glad to see your faces again. Is there somewhere we can rest and eat?”

The watchman replies, “Surely, we’ll help you. There are papers to sign of course, and soon, positions to fill on the watch. Everyone earns their keep during this dark siege. Take your rest now for soon we go to war.”

What say you all..?

Night of the Rat Part One
Out Of The Cellar...

Crellon “The Hellion” and the Executioner pause amid the countless corpses of rat-men they have just slaughtered and take a split second to look around them…


“By Nurgle’s rot, Crellion, the Wizard’s Way is lost. I’m outta this nest. You can follow and live, or stay and die.”

With that the Executioner turns and runs down the closest alley into the Tallows, shadowing himself as he may while the red eyes of the rats burn right through the dark.

Crellion is a lone man against and army… does he follow…?

X and Crellion follow Lavinia out of the graveyards, black cloaks billowing in the wind, as she moves with haste towards a barricade erected along the street, cordoning off the merchant and law districts from the rest of the city.

You have not reached it alone, a horde of fleeing humans, skulking zombies, and feral Skaven are gathered outside the barricade. A massive flight of arrows arcs over the barrier, pelting the crowd, while militia members skewer anything that approaches the barricade with speaks poking through holes in the wall. The street is impassible.

Lavinia: “That’s just grand. We can take to the rooftops, try our luck back in the sewers, or find another way along the God’s Row. Spit out a choice quickly, boyos.”

To The Ratholds We go
(I think I smell a Skaven...)

It doesn’t take long for Crellion, White Wolf Knight of the Inner Circle, to irk a full confession out of the blubbering thug.

“The Ratholds… We’re collecting for her… she’s got the power… she sent us to stop the alchemist from finding the cure… don’t know her name… never see her… too many rats… they will tell her everything…”

The thug’s unconscious by the end, and Eladio’s caught the pale shivers. Daubler removed his infected arm during the interrogation, hoping it would save him. His chances are the flip of a coin at this point. Daubler is the first to talk.

“I’ll take him and the cure to the Temple of Verena since my shop is no longer safe. They command the strongest influence in the law quarter. If I trust anyone it’s them.”

Not a second later, the door opens and two figures cloaked in black enter — priests of Morr by the look of it.

“If you’re here for the bodies, they should be burned,” says Daubler.

The lead priest steps forward. “We’re not here for the bodies, we’re here for your souls!” The figure withdraws an axe and steps forward, Elu falling back on his ass as he tries to ready his halberd, then the figure pulls down his hood. It’s the Executioner.

“Just kidding, dogs. We’re off to the ratholds. Seems they’re stealing dead bodies. Probably a necrophiliac orgy. Thought we’d pick you two up for a good time.”

The other priest lowers his hood. It’s Roland. He tosses two more cloaks at the group.


“Out of commission,” replies Crellion, “it’s just us four.”

Disguised as priests of Morr the four of you navigate the dark streets of Talabheim under curfew, careful to avoid the major streets.

Some of the oldest and foulest portions of Talabheim are actually located within the walls of the Taalbaston itself. Scattered throughout the massive cliff face are holes, tunnels, and warrens carved into the living rock center of the crater wall. The inhabitants of the ratholds are the lowest of the low. Inbreeding, disease, and poor ventilation make the average Ratholder more pathetic than even the scum that roam the streets outside if not that restless dead themselves.


You find an unsuspecting entrance as any and step inside…

Roland: “It’s been a while since we’ve done this… anyone have torch?”


Roland steps forward into the warren, Elu after him, then Crellion, and X as rear guard. There seems to be little order or purpose behind the tunnels and from what you’ve been told they seem exceedingly vacant.

As you patrol further the sounds of running echo from the tunnel in front of you. There is just enough time to grab a weapon as a figure charges from the corner, cloaked in dark and bloodied rags, a rat-faced beast that scampers up the stony walls trying to pass by as quickly as possible…


As the group prepares to move forward past the riddled bodies of Ratmen, the ground starts to tremble faintly then a sound not unlike an avalanche of footsteps shoots through the tunnel in front of the party, advancing quickly, so quickly that the source enters the light radius of the lantern before anyone can react: the sight of thousands of Skaven descending upon you…


The mob slams into Roland, then continues on, lifting up each of you into the foul procession. Skaven claw and stab as they continue to scurry forward, heading for the streets of Talabheim…

Rusty Remedies - Part 3: Crellion and Elu
Night of the Long Knives

Eladio: “Well, Elu, I’ll take first watch up here. Best check on your friend below. If there’s any disturbance up here I will signal you.”

Elu’s lost some composure for what he’s stepped into joining this group of adventures. Never did he think that looking for Andar Revelstone would lead him here — a city surrounded by the dead with a rotten disease festering on the inside. Never-the-less, Crellion’s survival plays the biggest key in all of this.

Elu enters the basement and finds Crellion awake, but fatigued, eating from a small plate of food. Daubler, showing the pallid look of sleep deprivation, hovers over him.

Daubler: “His fever has past. The cure is working. An appetite is a good sign if he can keep down the food. We’ll know for sure come the day. Now I must sleep. Watch him. Find me if need be.”

Elu: “I will. Eladio is on watch.”

Daubler squabbles to the stair and climbs out of view.

Crellion scarfs down the remaining food on the plate, looks up to Elu. The knight of the White Wolf hasn’t looked this good in days — minus the grey patches on his exposed skin.

Crellion: “I’m started to regain my senses about me, Andar.”

Elu: “It’s Elu.”

Crellion, looks closely. “Yes, it is. My memory is thin. Tell me everything I’ve missed…”

Rusty Remedies Part 2 - Recon, X & Roland Style
A Little Light Night Music

Roland: “Let’s see if anyone has died of the plague inside the walls. And if they have, where the bodies are.”

Elu: “The City Watch has always been in charge of collecting bodies. They usually pass them on to the Priests of Morr.”

Roland: “So it is. Hold down the fort.”

X and Roland slip into cover of darkness along the Talabheim streets with adept use of concealment, shadowing, and silent footsteps…

The two of you arrive at the Garden of Morr and the stench of the body piles hit your senses before the sight on the mounds of dead. Even at night the priests toll away dragging corpses along the tombstones. Roland approaches a priest, makes an exchange in the Classical language (with a Gossip role on the sly). Whatever they say, the priest seems in the mood for talk and responds to Roland favorably.


Roland: Well, X. The priests are willing to talk if we’re willing to haul some bodies…"

Rusty Remedies - Part 1

Daubler guides Crellion through a back stair to the basement of his shop where he’s cobbled together an impressive laboratory/experimental workshop. He points out a cot where Crellion will be resting for the next three to four days, then ties a piece of cloth around his mouth.

Daubler: “We don’t want me getting sick, now do we.”


Daubler gathers the implements the party handed over to him and begins his work on perfecting a cure for Crellion.

“I will forgo my normal fees for donating these implements to my practice. You must rest as much as possible, and there is a hot water bath in the next room. From the smell of you, I suggest that first. Here is a piece of leather to bite on if the shivering grows unbearable.”

He hands over the strip to Crellion, continues:

“Here is an urn with a temporary remedy, it will slow the course of the disease, which still may take your life. But it will buy us needed time.”

Crellion inspects the urn, whatever is inside has a sweet smell to it.

“In a few days we shall find out if this is a disease, a poison, or the work of Chaos…”

In the parlor of Daubler’s shop, X, Elu, Roland, and Eldaio discuss exactly what the four of them shall do while Crellion waits for the cure.

Eladio: “It’s unwise for all of us to stay here without a little sneak through town. We must keep alert of any developments. I insist on taking the task.”

Roland: “I’m not really apt to let anyone out of my sight at this point. Seems whenever we do… cloaks turn if you get what I mean… Besides, one of us should be down there with Crellion, watching him. I don’t trust Daubler anymore than Hohenlohe at this point…”

Apocalypse S1 Session 13
Is there an apothecary in 'da house?

Daubler’s shop rests on the far end of Nordgate‘s main drag called The Iron Lane. The locals you pressed with gossip skills called the place "Daubler’s" but the a sign above the door reads: Rusty Remedies.


The Sabine Rose and ivy covers part of the squat front wall and a round stained glass window in center – not cheap by Old World standards. The front door is open and quite a few patrons are lined up in the waiting room inside.

Roland remarks that the crowd just won’t do. Quick on the response, X bullies himself inside to the front of the line. There is an outburst from a few of the customers ended quickly as X plants the blade of his axe into the floor. They look at it, then observe Roland uncoil a length of rope into a hangman’s nose.

Elu steps forward, taps the badge of his watch uniform, and states official business requires everyone out – least the situation get ugly. They stare thinking of how to counter-argue when X leaps up and shouts… “Boo!”

They file out like frantic roaches, nearly knocking Crellion over in the process.

The noise brings forth a healthy, middle-aged man from an open doorway. His wide bright blue eyes scan the lot of you…

“There are better ways of seeking my services than scarring off my customers. This should be good, indeed. How may I help you?”

Apocalypse S1 Session 12
Bring Out 'Yer Dead

Taal’s sacred city comes to life as you take your fist steps out onto the streets of Talabheim. Indeed, the looming walls of the Taalbaston dominate much of the city’s life — for the closer you live to the wall, the poorer you’re likely to be. In fact, the poorest live within the wall itself in a series of crudely hacked out caves and passageways known as the Ratholds.

You cannot help but notice the hordes of liveried servants that scurry past you carrying sheaths of documents back and forth from the center of the city, the Law Quarter. It squats like an ominous grey toad as the heart of Talabheim. Pic1002642 md

On a street corner, you hear a man declaim loudly he has business in Taalagad that must be doing poorly without him until a friend hushes him.

A pair of Dogfaces patrol the front of a shuttered inn forcibly closed because too many of its patrons were diagnosed as having the Grey Ague. The Sabine Rose, a bloom sacred to Shallya, is pinned over nearly every doorway.

And there is no laughter to be found that doesn’t die quickly. Crellion fights back a cough, tightens his white wolf cloak over his head.

“I haven’t asked your business,” says Eladio, “but I can offer my assistance around the city for a cut of your take — assuming that’s what you’re here for.”


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